Sunset over a dam


SEACI achieved considerable progress in furthering the understanding of the nature and causes of climate variability and change in south-eastern Australia.

SEACI research made progress into identifying characteristics of the global climate system that are relevant to the climate of south-eastern Australia, and in developing future climate and runoff projections for the region.

Research also focused on understanding how large-scale climatic conditions impact rainfall and runoff across south-eastern Australia, their predictability and potential to change with global climate change.

Research into climate variations also focused on time scales ranging from weeks to decades to incorporate the needs of SEACI’s various stakeholders. Issues on short-term time scales (weeks and months) arise in the operational management of water, while horizons for planning and policy for water availability are of a long-term nature (years and decades).

SEACI findings are an important contribution to Australia's response to climate change and future water availability challenges. From the very beginning of the program outcomes had already enhanced the understanding and improved predictions of the climate of south-eastern Australia, helping water planners and policy makers to better manage the impacts of climate variability and change across the region. SEACI was essential in providing a better understanding of climate across the Murray-Darling Basin which helped, and will continue to help, water planners and policy makers make informed decisions about this valuable resource.

Phase 1 of SEACI commenced in 2006 and was a three-year, $7.5 million collaboration which resulted in a better understanding for the main drivers of the climate in south-eastern Australia, including the impact of global warming.

Phase 2 of SEACI was a $9 million partnership and extended over three years from July 2009 until September 2012. Phase 2 built on Phase 1 research and delivered some important answers on critical climate questions arising from the region of south-eastern Australia.